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Carers Involvement

Carer Involvement

Meet the Team

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Involvement at Carers Count

The purpose of the involvement team is to engage with carers and to involve them in the service at whatever level they wish to be involved.  The involvement of Carers in shaping the service and feeding back on what works well and what does not is very important.  We keep all our carers regularly informed through mail outs, facebook, Twitter, newsletters and attending events throughout Kirklees. Carers also have the opportunity to participate in meetings such as the Support & Advisory Group.

Carers Count Support & Advisory Group

This meeting is held every 3 months at our Huddersfield Office, please contact Carers Count or see website for future dates.

The purpose of this meeting is to give our Carers the opportunity to help shape and form our service. As we would like input from Carers on everything we do, especially involvement activities and opportunities.

Additionally, through a selection process carers can have a presence at more strategic meetings such as Partnership Board meetings and Carers Strategy Group.

Carers Strategy Group

This is an opportunity for carers to discuss things that matter and affect them directly in their caring role. Often there is discussion around local and national policy changes.

Partnership Boards

There are four main Partnership Boards, these are:-

1. Mental Health

2. Learning Disability

3. Older People’s

4. Long Term Conditions

Learning Disability Carers Sub Group

The LD Carers Sub Group are a group of carers of adults with a learning disability who aim to build a collective voice of Carers, and support Carers in Kirklees to become as well-informed and powerful as the organisations they have to deal with. The LD Carers Sub Group feed issues into the Partnership Board.

Kirklees Mental Health Forum

The Forum is specifically for those carers who care for people with mental health conditions including dementia. It’s run by carers for carers and has now been established for two years. In that time senior managers have come to speak to the forum members. This gives a great opportunity to find out what The South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (SWYFT), Kirklees Council and Social Services are planning and often have carer input into reshaping services. It also gives you the chance to ask the senior guys the questions you want answering but also to meet fellow carers, gain their support and have some fun at the same time in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

NHS Talk

Carers Count are working with the NHS clinical commission in Greater Huddersfield and North Kirklees to give carers a voice. Talk Health is a campaign to raise awareness in Kirklees about the financial challenges faced by the NHS. The campaign focuses on supporting organisations like Carers Count having conversation with local people on how we can tackle these challenges. From time to time we are asked for Carers views on particular topics and this allows carers to play a vital role in feeding back and having a voice in service development.

Black & Minority Ethnic Carers involvement Opportunities

There are opportunities for Carers from Black and Minority Ethnic background (BME) in Kirklees to get involved in different Carers Boards. This is due to the fact that we are a diverse community and we feel it is important and beneficial to obtain views from a wide range of Carers, in order to put forward a collective viewpoint. These views can then be fed back to service managers and commissioners who may be making decisions about local services.

How would you like to be involved?

Below are some of the things you might be interested in:

  • Carers Count Support & Advisory Group
  • Carers Strategy Group
  • Partnership Boards
  • Learning Disability Carers Sub Group
  • Kirklees Mental health forum
  • Volunteering at Carers Count
  • NHS Talk Health

If any of these opportunities sound of interest to you, or you would like more information, please contact Ann Marie Brabiner or the Involvement Team on the Carers Count number 0300 012 0231.

Carer involvement can be very rewarding and is important to steer services and ensure carers are fully involved

For participation at all meetings for Carers Count, we will endeavour to pay back all reasonable Travel Expenses.