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Our Feedback from You!


Understanding how you feel about the service so far is important to us! The feedback to date has been really heart warming for all of us at Carers Count, however please don't be afraid to be criticial or highlight to us anywhere we need to improve and we can use this as additional targets for us to work towards!


“I feel better now I don’t feel I am totally alone anymore”


“You have done in a week what I couldn’t manage in six months”


“I’m really looking forward to the group, I feel better already”


“You must have something special about you to get my mum to talk so freely like that”


“I couldn’t believe how much you have achieved as a service in the last few months”


“I didn’t know where to look for help before but now I do”


“This is the first time I have felt relaxed in 2 years”- after carers coffee and chat group


“As soon as I opened the door and saw you I knew you would be nice”


“You were really good with getting back to us so quickly, its really nice to know someone is interested- it helps to know someone is taking the strain! Also the woman I spoke to on the phone was very nice too”


“You’re a star you have been very helpful”


“You don’t know how much you have helped me”


“You’ve saved my life”


“It’s just really nice to know someone understands where I’m coming from”


“Thanks for all your help, don’t know what we would have done without you”